The team behind Missing Information was the first team that released the E3 presentation Valve showed at E3 Expo in 2003, and the Borealis chapter that was cut from the final game. Missing Information aims to recreate the old storyline found in Valve’s Raising the Bar book which they released shortly after the release of their completely changed game, Half-Life 2 back in November 16th 2004.

The first version of Missing Information was released in 2006. The team behind the first release of Missing Information split up due to lack of time caused by personal matters. Gabe’s Love Tub shut down and the domain was lost.

December 6th 2008 – fstick, a user on HL2World, created a thread showing off a modification called CONCUBINE PREDICAMENT. Several members of the old team replied to the thread and soon Gabe’s Love Tub was up and running again thanks to Snakez, owner of HL2World and Flamehaus. Less than two weeks later the first trailer of Missing Information 1.5 was released on December 24th. On December 31st Missing Information 1.5 was released which was an updated version of the 1.4 version ported to Valve’s new Orange Box edition of the Source Engine.

Since then several changes have been made to the team behind Missing Information. Most of the original members are now working on their own projects, and are no longer a part of the Missing Information team. As of January 2009 the team behind Missing Information changed its direction. Going from doing one full scale release of the old story line, a decision was made to release Missing Information in episodes. Inspired by Valve’s idea from 2006.

Currently two projects are being worked on. A final patch for Missing Information 1.5, and Missing Information: Episode One.