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  • Jan 25, '09
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This is a public announcement I wanted to make, just so everyone was aware of the new direction Bingo Mod was taking. As you are all no doubt aware, our mod has been going through a bit of a growing process, starting with the rebirth a few weeks back and maturing enough to warrant a name change.

Where, it’s recently come to our attention that people don’t actually like the concept we originally had with the mod formerly known as Half-Life 177 (or ‘Missing Information’), and wished for something a little more risqué.

After giving it a lot of thought, we’ve reached the consensus that, while the Half-Life 2 modding community has grown up and moved on, Bingo Mod has fallen behind, and has, in turn, become a relic.

I think I speak for the entire team when I say that this was not the intention of Bingo Mod, and for that, we’re sorry – our project is being revised and from now on, Bingo Mod will be a mod based on the old Half-Life 2 storyline.

Apparently people liked what we did with Borealis and would like to see more of that, rather than more of what we had in mind for Bingo Mod.

Thank you.