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  • Jan 07, '09
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Sorry this took a little longer than expected but I can assure you that it was indeed worth it.

Change List,

– Fixed stalker and assassin textures and added phong.
– Phong’d the Borealis barrels.
– Fixed a few problems with the new Odell model.
– AK47 has it’s own sounds instead of using the OICW fire sounds.
– Improved AK47 accuracy and fire modes.
– Increased SMG2 rate of fire and accuracy.
– Updated SMG2 and OICW sounds.
– Added mi_buildingblocks to the chapters menu.
– Updated Borealis chapter with HDR and improved areas.
– Re added missing maps and updated a few of them.
– Added new flare item model.



Special thanks to Cyborgmatt for the mirror.