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  • Sep 24, '09
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Well we’ve been rather quiet on the media front as of late, and it has been rather bland, we all admit. We’ve been working hard on getting as much content into Missing Information as possible in our brief moment of silence.

Prowler Headcrab

First off we’ve got a couple new NPC models to show off, Mugofdoom’s (me) new Headcrab model, a revisioning of the headhumper we all know and love, Isotope’s new Prowler model, a stealthy new Combine NPC that will hunt down the player and use such weapons as trip mines and knives to kill the player. The Headcrab is being completely redone from scratch to look like the original, cut version, with hopes to add much more detail.

Combine 1 Combine 2

The Combine have also been revised to look more like the original concepts, though modified to give them a much more distinct look. Red Katana is the mastermind behind these revisionings of the classic Combine design, with Mugofdoom modeling and texturing the head for the Elite seen on the right.

Subt Construction Yard

If there’s anything that has been worked on the most, it’s the maps. The first three chapters of our storyline, the arrival in City 17, which takes you through the industrial section of City 17, an abandoned construction yard, and many more areas of the Combine controled city, and the escape from City 17 through the bowels of the city have all been fleshed out by our four mappers, Isotope, Mugofdoom, Scart, and our newest member, Flat Zeus. The maps have really come to life both visually and gameplay-wise, with many puzzles to keep the player interested and a realistic decaying city for the player to explore.

Expect more from us by the end of the month. You can view more media in our Media section.