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  • Sep 20, '09
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It’s been almost 10 months since our last release, and almost seven months since our last post here. Good news though! Currently we’re aiming for September 30th for our next release which will be our 1.5.2 patch (six year anniversary for Gabe Newell’s original release date for Half-Life 2 😉 ). This patch is focused on fixing bugs and adding a bit new content. The changelog looks like this (might be subject to change)

– Odell crash fixed on the Borealis
– Updated Rooftops map
– Updated animations on the Flaregun
– Updated Combine Soldier models
– Updated binocular skin
– Updated zombie model
– Tweaked the Stalker’s damage

That’s is all for now. We’ll soon be ready to talk about the future of Missing Information, so stay tuned!