We are pleased and relieved to announce that Missing Information 1.6 is now available to the general public. The highlight of this release is of course the heavily overhauled Hyperborea chapter. We listened to your criticisms and what you will find in this mod is a rebalanced campaign with altered gameplay and a much better sampling of health and items, as well as numerous bug fixes. Yes, the crash bug in the last map is a thing of the past, and so is Odell’s surreal descent down the stairs. Although admittedly the first year of this release’s development was spent doing virtually nothing, we gained a few more team members and went into overdrive in the last year and three months with the determination to deliver something that felt as close to a polished Valve chapter as possible. We spent time coming up with a plausible story behind the Hyperborea, one that we feel is probably as close to Valve’s original intentions as anyone is going to get, and we have done our best to ensure the gameplay and scripted sequences keep in line with this story. Many areas have received a visual overhaul as well and a sampling of new models and textures have been created to give the mod more of a distinct feel.

Hyperborea Borealis Submarine

We hope you enjoy the updated Hyperborea. We feel confident in saying that it is the most polished example of fixed content from the Half Life 2 leak, but that is up to you guys to decide. We really cannot thank you fans enough for being patient in spite of our inability to keep true to our previous release dates. Download links can be found here.

Hyperborea The Borealis

More than a year ago we set out to release the final patch for our beloved child, Missing Information. However that’s still waiting to happen! As leader I could have handled the situation better and set a deadline long ago, but as we worked on our patch we pretty soon realized that it was going to break the original scope. Last December, our three programmers made the final push towards getting animations from the old engine working on the current engine – and with success! This happened two days before our planned release of our 1.5.2 patch which of course had to be delayed so that certain animations could be implemented. We are at last reaching the point where some team members are starting to join Club Zero.

Once the new version of Missing Information is done we will distribute it to a few of our testers so they can help us find any remaining bugs. We currently have an internal release date which we are aiming for. In the meantime we are fixing as many bugs as possible and also finishing our improvements to parts of the mod we weren’t entirely satisfied with in the 1.5 release.

Mac Support
Since we started working on our last update a lot has happened in terms of Steam and the Source engine. Valve made Half-Life 2 and several other games available to Mac users. We would like to do the same, except that Valve hasn’t released the source code that will make this possible. We have previously said that this next update would be our last and that we would then focus would be on Missing Information: Episode One. However it is very likely that we will do an update that will add support for the Mac platform.

Site Update
As some of you might have noticed we finally have a media section available. We will make sure once we release any media it will be published there first! We would like to thank our host slkandy for the code that made the media page possible and easy to maintain. Furthermore, we have updated our team page with several new changes. A lot of our old members have left the team for other projects. We have two new members: James Miller from Australia and Spartan117ak from Canada. This makes our team four people from America, two from Canada, two from Australia and one from Denmark.

Unfortunately, we do not have anything new to show off at this time. We felt it was about time we let the rest of the world know about our plans – well, some of them.